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Florida’s premier urology practice offering our patients the most state of the art and minimally invasive treatment options.

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At SPRINGS UROLOGY, a physician is always on call, day or night, to help with urgent concerns.

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Our three urologists have extensive experience and training in adult urologic care.


Urologist in Coral Springs and Parkland, FL

SPRINGS UROLOGY is South Florida’s premier provider of urologic care offering the latest technology, outstanding physicians, and an experienced staff dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality healthcare. Come see why our urologists in Coral Springs are south Florida’s most trusted.

Male Urology
Female Urology
  • Male Urology Services

    We are leading the way in men’s health at SPRINGS UROLOGY.

    Our physicians treat the entire range of urologic problems affecting men. The most common urologic problems include incontinence and sexual health issues, like erectile dysfunction (ED) and hormone (testosterone) deficiency, prostate cancer, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

    Male Conditions and Treatments

  • Female Urology Services

    We offer extensive female urology care at SPRINGS UROLOGY.

    We’re experts in female urology care including urinary incontinence, overactive bladder (OAB), urinary tract infections (UTI), pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, and sexual health issues. In addition, we offer women innovative treatments and use the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures.  We also offer the MonaLisa Touch laser for feminine wellness and urinary incontinence.

    Female Conditions and Treatments




The urologists at SPRINGS UROLOGY have over 25 years of combined experience providing patients quality urologic care.


Our modern office is designed to make our patients feel comfortable.


“Our goal is to provide the highest quality comprehensive urological care for women and men``


Our experienced and attentive physicians, clinicians, and support staff are committed to exceptional patient care.


We provide patients the latest technology including daVinci robotic surgery and MonaLisa Touch laser treatments.


We are here for you when you need us. We are available on call after office hours, on weekends or even on holidays.

Our Featured Services

MonaLisa Touch

We offer laser treatments to restore vaginal health and treat mild incontinence.

MonaLisa Touch is a gentle laser treatment that safely and painlessly reactivates and reestablishes the proper function of the vagina and relative urogenital structures that can improve the symptoms associated with mild urinary incontinence.

daVinci Robotic Surgery

We use robotic-assisted surgery to treat a full range of urologic conditions.

Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive techniques and the robotic-assisted daVinci surgical system to treat both male and female urologic conditions. This reduces bleeding, pain, scarring, length of hospital stays, and recovery time.

PTNS (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation)

Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimuation (PTNS) is a low-risk, non-surgical treatment for urinary incontinence.

PTNS works by indirectly providing electrical stimulation to the nerves responsible for bladder and pelvic floor function.

Bladder Botox

Overactive Bladder Treatment

Botox® injections are a procedure that can be used to treat severe bladder symptoms, such as severe urgency, inability to delay urination, and urinary sphincter spasm.


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Dr Scarzella is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. She takes time to understand your concerns and needs and ensures the recommendations meet your expectations. In addition she takes time to make sure you fully understand the reasoning behind the diagnosis and treatment.

- Ken J., FL

You'll understand when you meet her ... down to earth, relatable, funny and so sharp. Very different from other doctors I've had in the past. Refreshing!!!

- Chloe W., FL

I was having problems with incontinence and Dr. Scarzella took a lot of time and worked with me to figure out how to help. She is a very caring and wonderful doctor . Would recommend her in a heartbeat.

- Bonnie B., FL

I have known Dr. Scarzella for many years. She is kind, capable, highly qualified and I adore her!!

- Sherrie R., FL

Dr. Alvarado came highly recommended. I had a great experience in his office. Dr Alvarado was very informative, nice and patient. Will definitely be going back.

- Kathy P., FL

I was looking for a good doctor to help me and my friend recommend me Dr Ortiz-Alvarado, pleasant to talk with a doctor that listen a patient and not only trying to prescribe . he took his time to listen me and I am so happy.

- Gloria L., FL

I had a great experience with Dr. Ortiz and his office staff. I mixed up my appointment times and showed up 30mins late. They were extremely helpful and he saw me anyway. The office staff we very kind and helpful throughout the entire process. Dr. Ortiz was attentive and never rushed through my visit even though I knew he had somewhere to be following my appointment. I left wishing he was in internal medicine and could be my primary care physician. I would recommend Dr. Ortiz in a heartbeat. Looking forward to my follow up.

- Racheal R., FL

Dr. Brafman was extremely professional, punctual and thorough in explaining my diagnosis. I was pleased to find a doctor who took the time to listen to my concerns. I would absolutely recommend him!

- Christine, Parkland, FL

I found Dr. Brafman, patient, understanding and kind. As a healthcare provider for 25 years, I would recommend to him.

- Urology Patient, Plantation, FL

Contact us, today, at 954.752.3166 to schedule an appointment and consultation. We specialize in diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate cancer in Coral Springs and Parkland, FL, and much more.